The 2020 Putterhead Doubles prize structure will come out soon. The 2020 prize structure will resemble last years prize structure which is listed below

Men's and Women's Open

Prizes for Men's and Women's Open (sand) Divisions include Cash, In-Kind, or Both. The participants in the 2019 Breckenridge Doubles event, will compete for almost in $6,500 in prize money. Please note, teams may have to commute between the two sand venues (20 minutes). 2019 prize structure for women & men was (since we had different amount of teams per gender):
1st: $1,000/$1,300 Plus Ball, Bolle's & Clothing
2nd: $600/$700 Plus Ball, Bolle's & Clothing
3rd: $300/$350
3rd: $250/$300
5th: $150/$200
5th: $150/$200
7th: 2 New Molten Volleyballs
7th: 2 New Molten Volleyballs
9th (4 teams): Past Years Breckenridge Clothing

Men's, Women's & Coed AA Grass:

Prizes for AA Grass Divisions include Cash, In-Kind, or Both. Distributions for the AA Divisions are determined by the number of participants (Minimum 10 teams) i.e. 10 Teams will pay:
1st: $200 Plus Ball, Bolle Sunglasses & Clothing ($300 for 18 teams)
2nd: $100 Plus Ball, Plus Bolle Sunglasses & Clothing ($200 for 18 teams)
3rd: For 18 teams $100 Plus Clothing

All Other Divisions

Breckenridge Doubles Volleyball provides prizes for all divisions. Adjustments are sometimes made for unusually large divisions. Prizes typically distributed to winners include but not limited to:

  • $100+… Bolle Sunglasses
  • $50 …… Molten Volleyballs
  • $50…… Vital Board Shorts
  • $50 …… Hoodie Sweatshirts
  • $40 …… Long Sleeve Dry Fits
  • $30 …… Short Sleeve Dry Fits
  • $15 …… T-Shirts
  • $60 …… Plastic & Wilson Backpacks, Various Styles
  • ??? …… Cash or Miscellaneous Gift Certificates* for Local Vendors

*Note: Gift Certificates at local Breckenridge businesses are sometimes used for prizes since many players frequent the town year round.